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A good board should be startup’s secret weapon, but they’re usually just stressful and ineffective. Surfboard is the answer.

Phil Libin

Cofounder & CEO, mmhmm

Running board meetings on Surfboard has been a success, couldn’t have done it without. Now the bar is pretty high. It also helps us communicate much better with our investors and ask for help.

Santiago Suarez Ordonez

Cofounder & CEO, Momentum

With Surfboard, I can communicate with our board much more effectively and they enjoy using it. We can easily share updates outside of meetings, and focus on meaningful discussions.

Yeva Hyusyan

Cofounder & CEO, Sololearn

Surfboard forces better conversation and visibility, people are not doing readouts, and boards are more engaged & more interactive.

David Koretz

Chairman & CEO, Plum

I tell my investors to check Surfboard first and talk to me later if they still have questions. It’s much better than emails. It makes my life easier, and our investors like using it too!

Trevor Gary

Founder & CEO, Micruity

Surfboard is very helpful to keep our information organized and the conversations with our board and investors structured.

Ruth Poliakine Baruchi

Founder & CEO, Myndyou

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