Everything you need to know about board management.

Surfboard Academy

A course designed to help you master board management. You’ll learn how to eliminate time-consuming work, reduce stress, and unlock your board’s potential. Sounds pretty great, right?


Surf Sessions

Board management is a bit of a black box. We know everyone’s doing it, we just don’t really know how. Until now.In this series, we go behind the scenes with founders and nonprofit leaders to learn how they’re managing their boards effectively—unlocking tips and tricks so you can, too.


The latest and greatest tips on managing your board. Straight from our keyboards to your brain.


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Chrome extension

The Surfboard Chrome extension makes using Surfboard even easier.Find an interesting morsel of industry news? You can use the extension to share it directly to your workspace. Want to make some new connections? Use the extension to browse LinkedIn and identify leads in your network.


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