The easiest way to work with your board, investors, and advisors.

Surfboard brings all of your board-related activities into a single, easy to use platform, helping you save time, build momentum, and grow faster.

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Say goodbye to board meeting crunch

For one full week every quarter, work piles up, stress spikes, and teams waste countless hours scrambling to prep. As a result, board meetings have become something we get through instead of get the most out of.

Surfboard simplifies clunky processes, streamlines workflows, and helps you optimize your time, so you never have to crunch again.

Benefits of using Surfboard

Save time and money

Surfboard is designed to save you time. Automated workflows and frictionless communication eliminate time-consuming work at every step, so you can spend less time on busy work and more time making valuable business decisions.

Eliminate tedious tasks

Stop wasting your life chipping away at endless, mindless work. Surfboard automates tedious tasks, freeing you up to focus on the things that matter most. I guess you could say we do the busy work, so you don’t have to.

Communicate better

Presenting updates from three months ago at your quarterly meetings is a huge waste of time. Instead, we’ll auto-generate routine updates throughout the quarter, so you can spend your meeting time doing literally anything else.

Tap into the power of AI

Surfboard AI helps you work faster by doing less. Use Surfboard AI to write a draft, improve your writing, expand on your ideas, pull action items from meeting notes, walk your dog, and do your laundry (okay, the last two might be wishful thinking).

Put governance on autopilot

Approve meeting minutes, vote, and esign documents all within a secure, digital workspace. Surfboard creates a single source of truth for all of your company records, so you’re always ready for year-end audits and fundraising diligence.

Keep sensitive information private

No more sending sensitive information over email or hiding confidential slides from your team. Surfboard keeps all of your communications secure. Plus, our multi-tier permission system gives you full control over who has access to what.

A plan for all your needs

Building, running, and scaling a company is hard. But managing your board shouldn’t be. You shouldn’t have to pay more for premium features. Or have access to a bottomless budget to access those tools in the first place.

Every Surfboard membership gives you access to our entire suite of tools. No paywalls. No gatekeeping. Just reliable, easy-to-use tools.

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Trusted by some pretty cool companies

A good board should be startup’s secret weapon, but they’re usually just stressful and ineffective. Surfboard is the answer.

Phil Libin

Cofounder & CEO, mmhmm

Running board meetings on Surfboard has been a success, couldn’t have done it without. Now the bar is pretty high. It also helps us communicate much better with our investors and ask for help.

Santiago Suarez Ordonez

Cofounder & CEO, Momentum

With Surfboard, I can communicate with our board much more effectively and they enjoy using it. We can easily share updates outside of meetings, and focus on meaningful discussions.

Yeva Hyusyan

Cofounder & CEO, Sololearn

Surfboard forces better conversation and visibility, people are not doing readouts, and boards are more engaged & more interactive.

David Koretz

Chairman & CEO, Plum

I tell my investors to check Surfboard first and talk to me later if they still have questions. It’s much better than emails. It makes my life easier, and our investors like using it too!

Trevor Gary

Founder & CEO, Micruity

Surfboard is very helpful to keep our information organized and the conversations with our board and investors structured.

Ruth Poliakine Baruchi

Founder & CEO, Myndyou

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