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Surfboard helps you manage and engage with your board & investors with an integrated system of record, so you can get more value from them and more time to driving your company forward.

Never miss an important update. Receive Surfboard notifications in your Slack workplace, and reply to Surfboard comments directly in Slack.

Add to Slack
Here's how:
  1. Click the Add to Slack button, and connect your Surfboard account to Slack
  2. You will receive notifications when you are mentioned in Surfboard, when someone replies to your comments, or when there are new comments, reactions, votes or edits on your posts.
  3. You can also reply to comments directly from Slack, and they will be posted on Surfboard.
Some helpful tips:
  • Type /surfboard-connect to connect your Slack account to Surfboard
  • Type /surfboard-off or /surfboard-stop to turn off Surfboard notifications in Slack
  • Type /surfboard-on or /surfboard-start to turn notifications back on
  • Type /surfboard-help to see tips

Need help?

Message us in the app through the messenger icon on the bottom right, or email us at

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