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Building a company is hard. Managing your board should be easy

Surfboard makes it easier to work with your board and investors, so you can focus on what you do best: building an awesome company.

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We do the busy work so you don’t have to

Save time

Say goodbye to time-consuming, manual tasks. Surfboard automates tedious workflows, helping you reclaim countless hours of your team’s time.

Build trust

Surfboard makes it easier to communicate with your board and investors, so you can build trust and impress your stakeholders along the way.

Grow faster

By streamlining clunky processes, Surfboard empowers you to focus on the things that matter most, helping you build momentum and accelerate your growth.

Designed to grow and scale with you

By automating workflows and eliminating manual tasks, Surfboard makes it easier to focus your
time, energy, and resources where they matter most.

95% of founders spend too much time
on meeting prep

21% of board members are happy with
their meetings

90% of founders wish their board was
more engaged

Built by a startup for startups,
every tool is designed to scale with you,
from seed to growth and beyond.

Make your entire board experience awesome

Surfboard delivers an awesome experience for your board, so you get way more value out of
the time you spend working together.


Quickly review recent activity and prioritize where to focus your time and attention.


Take the work out of pre-meeting prep so everyone shows up ready to engage in strategic discussions.


Securely create, complete, and save approvals—from important board votes to meeting minutes.


Automate company updates with Surfboard AI so your board and investors are always in the loop and ready to help.


Leverage your board’s network and expertise to get faster access to funding, talent, and customers.


No more digging through email threads and slack messages—keep all of your communications in a single place.


Build a track record of documentation to simplify the diligence process and improve your chances of funding.


Always know what your board thinks about the company and management team without feeling awkward.

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Don't have a board yet? No problem!

Early-stage startups can use Surfboard to leverage the expertise of trusted advisors and investors. As you grow, your
board members will be joining an impressive workspace with all the information they need to hit the ground running.

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Get the most out of your board.

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