Board management made easy.

Surfboard takes the work out of board management, so you can invest your time, energy, and resources where they matter most.

Make thoughtful decisions, take faster action

Save time

Automated workflows and useful tools help you eliminate tedious work at every touchpoint, making it easier to engage your board and create better outcomes.

Improve engagement

A central hub of communication keeps everyone focused and accountable, so you can make faster, more thoughtful decisions both in and out of meetings.

Practice great governance

Built-in governance best practices help you create thorough and reliable records, ensuring better oversight and accountability for your entire organization.

Align behind your mission

Collaborative tools and seamless communication encourage your staff and board members to work together to achieve your shared goals.

Best-in-class tech designed for what you need

Surfboard is the only platform designed to streamline the entire lifecycle of board management. A suite of powerful tools help you save time at every touch point and drive faster progress toward your goals.


Quickly review recent activity and prioritize where to focus your time and attention.


Take the work out of pre-meeting prep so everyone shows up ready to engage in strategic discussions.


Securely create, complete, and save approvals—from important board votes to meeting minutes.


Automate company updates with Surfboard AI so your board and investors are always in the loop and ready to help.


Activate your board members to contribute to your organization’s success, and award credits to those who do.


Enough digging through endless email threads and messages—communicate with all your board members in one place.


Keep all of your important records organized in a single, secure location so what you need is always at your fingertips.


Always know what your board thinks about the company and management team through automated surveys.

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Every Surfboard membership gives you access to our entire suite of tools. No paywalls. No gatekeeping. Just reliable, easy-to-use tools.

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Surfboard’s nonprofit board management software makes it easy to keep your board members activated and engaged—whether you’re sharing updates, prepping for meetings, sending surveys, or voting on important decisions. Plus, automated workflows and built-in governance help you maximize your resources and eliminate manual tasks, so you can stay focused on the things that matter most. Think of it like your one-stop-shop for all things board related.

Government and public sector

Whether you’re creating meeting agendas, running board meetings, or sharing important information with the people who need it, Surfboard helps you save time and accomplish more. Our suite of powerful tools is intentionally flexible and easy to use—so you can spend less time messing with tech and more time driving great outcomes.

Colleges and universities

Surfboard keeps all of your board-related communications in one place, so you can schedule meetings, share materials, and collect questions without digging through countless email threads. And Surfboard doesn’t just simplify meeting prep. Every part of the process—from running presentations and taking notes to approving minutes and completing post-meeting follow up—is designed to save you time and work more efficiently.

Financial services

Surfboard’s automated governance processes are designed to help banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions navigate change swiftly and efficiently. By providing a centralized, secure location for your sensitive records, Surfboard makes it easy to get information to those who need it, and protect it from those who don’t.


Surfboard is designed to help hospitals, urgent care centers, and other healthcare providers eliminate clunky processes and enable real-time communication. By keeping all of your important communications in one place, Surfboard makes it easy to securely store and share files. And built-in governance eliminates the need for paper-based processes—so you can spend less time on manual tasks and more time aligning your stakeholders behind your strategic goals.

Activate your board. Achieve better outcomes.

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