Board and investor management trends for 2023

Surfboard team

Published on Sep 21, 2023

Research shows that companies with effective boards outperform others and demand higher valuations. But what makes a board effective is a bit of a black box.

While we know that the majority of companies are holding board meetings and communicating with their board and investors, we rarely see transparent examples of what those practices actually look like.

Only 20% of board members say their meetings are productive. But companies’ top leadership spends, on average, up to 2 months out of the year on meeting prep. Imagine reallocating all that time towards driving growth and securing customers.

And only 20% of investors are happy with the amount of updates they receive. But more than 90% of investors say transparent communication is an important consideration when offering future rounds. In a market where capital is crucial for company success, the ROI of clear and consistent communication pays great dividends.

In our 2023 report, we unveil the secrets behind top-performing boards and what truly differentiates them from the rest—to help you unlock your board's full potential and drive your company's growth faster.

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