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Our course is designed to help you master board management, unlock your board’s potential, and transform board management from an unavoidable source of stress to a deeply impactful practice with the power to take your company to the next level.

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Lesson 1: The Foundations of Board Collaboration

Dive into the core principles of effective board management, focusing on cultivating a productive working relationship with your board. Learn the importance of clear communication and setting mutual expectations from the outset.

Learn strategies for:

  • Building trust
  • Distributing accountability
  • Leveraging asynchronous communication
  • Cultivating an inclusive board culture
Lesson 2: Onboarding and Setting Expectations

Optimize your onboarding process to ensure all board members have a clear understanding of their role, responsibilities, and expectations; and ensure all members are aligned and prepared to make meaningful contributions.

Learn strategies for:

  • Setting expectations for your board
  • Creating and updating bylaws
  • Creating a healthy board culture
  • Building an effective onboarding process
  • Maintaining focus on areas of strategic importance
Lesson 3: Optimizing Board Meeting Prep

Master the art of preparing for board meetings, including agenda setting, distributing pre-read materials, and anticipating questions. Enhance your ability to set the stage for a focused and effective discussion.

Learn strategies for:

  • Establishing more efficient internal processes
  • Building an effective agenda
  • Reducing meeting prep time
  • Anticipating board priorities
Lesson 4: Conducting Impactful Board Meetings

Explore best practices for running efficient and productive board meetings. Learn how to facilitate discussions, manage time effectively, and engage board members in strategic decision-making.

Learn strategies for:

  • Facilitating more productive conversations
  • Increasing participation during meetings
  • Redirecting unproductive conversations
  • Driving progress on strategic priorities
Lesson 5: Post-Meeting Strategy

Discover the keys to effective follow-up after board meetings, including distributing minutes, summarizing decisions, and delegating action items to maintain momentum and increase accountability.

Learn strategies for:

  • Simplifying minutes distribution and approval
  • Turning decisions into actionable takeaways
  • Communicating priorities and delegating tasks
  • Establishing a post-meeting process that works for you
Lesson 6: Navigating Board Issues and Evaluations

Develop the skillset you need to confidently navigate complex board dynamics, troubleshoot board issues, and implementing board member evaluations to foster continuous improvement and increase board effectiveness.

Learn strategies for:

  • Addressing low engagement
  • Improving board morale
  • Getting comfortable with conflict
  • Diagnosing and addressing culture problems
  • Creating useful, actionable evaluations
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